Hey, friends. If you’re reading this it means you are interested in helping support our staff and small business during this unprecedented time in the world. In a matter of days we’ve effectively seen most outlets for serving our beer shut down. This has forced us to have some of the hardest conversations with our flock and family – cutting hours severely and even loss of jobs are all on the horizon.

From Day 1 we have lived by our core belief, “Be a Community, Grow a Community.” And we feel proud to have lived up to it for the last three years. Now, we need your help to keep Birds a viable part of this community. The realization that we have basically gone dark, with a last ditch effort for selling cans online and at the window to keep the business going along is sobering. The effects of this could linger for awhile. This is, and will continue to be, exceedingly painful.

If you feel inspired, and are able to help support Birds, we are truly grateful. You can purchase to-go beer, merchandise, gift cards, or this option – a straight donation to help keep Birds Fly South open and to help keep as many of our staff paid, for as long as possible.

THANK YOU, from the bottom of our hearts.